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NFPA 2112 End Users Guide


User Information Guide


 (NFPA 2112- 2023 STANDARD)


Safety Considerations

This garment, when worn properly, can serve to minimize the extent of burn injury; no garment can eliminate or prevent all risk of burn injury. Read this user information carefully before carrying out activities that involve certain risks of serious injury or death. All instructions provided are intended to familiarize the wearer of the abilities and limitations of the garment to minimize harm from a thermal exposure. It is your responsibility to be familiar with the provided information so that your protective apparel will provide the intended level of protection.

Limitations of Use

Our protective apparel meets the specifications of NFPA 2112-2018 (Pending) standard on Flame-Resistant Clothing for Protection of Industrial Personnel Against Short-Duration Thermal Exposures from Fire. Failure to comply with this warning may result in serious injury or death.                                                                      

Marking Recommendations and Restrictions

If the end user adds any embellishments such as lettering, trim, emblems, name tags, etc. to the garment, these must meet the requirements of the NFPA 2112 standard. Failure to comply will invalidate Actionwear’s product warranty.


Actionwear Saskatoon Inc is a proud manufacturer of quality garments since 1974. We stand behind the quality, workmanship, and performance of each of the products that we manufacture.

Actionwear’s garments are guaranteed from defects in workmanship only. If a product is defective contact our Customer Care Team at sales@actionwear.ca or 306-933-3088 for a Return Authorization Number before sending the product back. Actionwear reserves the right to determine whether a product is defective. We will repair or replace the product if appropriate. All garments being returned must be clean. Items that arrive unwashed may be subject to a cleaning fee, delayed or may even be rejected at the discretion of Actionwear’s Quality Assurance team.

Size Information

For assistance with selecting the appropriately sized garment please utilize our size charts available for download for each item on the website. For further assistance, our sizing experts and nearly 50 years of experience helping customers ensure the proper fit are available by contacting us at sales@actionwear.ca or 306-933-3088

Actionwear’s Pre-Use Recommendations

Please review your FR garment’s specifications to ensure it meets your end use requirements. Prior to use inspect the garment to ensure it is free from defects in its protective integrity.

We recommend cleaning all garments at least once prior to first use following the Care and Cleaning instructions provided for each garment.  Cleaning helps remove potentially flammable contaminants that the garment may have been exposed to during production and storage.


We recommend storing clean garments in a dark, dry, clean and well-ventilated area.


We recommend that each company establish its own criteria for regular, routine inspection and subsequent repair or retirement of protective clothing.

FR Apparel Donning & Doffing Procedures

Follow donning and doffing procedures established by the employer. Inspect garment prior to donning. effective protection, flame-resistant garments should be worn as the outer garment, with sleeves down and secured, shirts fully tucked into pants, and front closure entirely secured. Do not don or doff in a hazardous area. Remove if fouled with a flammable material

Proper Use, Care, Maintenance & Cleaning

Refer to NFPA 2113 for proper use information. The user is fully responsible to determine whether a garment is appropriate for the intended use and complies with all laws and regulatory standards. The user assumes all risks associated with the use of this product. Actionwear shall not be liable for loss, injury, or death after using this product.

Flammable contaminants will reduce the thermal protection properties of any flame-resistant garment. Adequate maintenance of your FR clothing can enhance performance and make it last longer. To ensure proper wear, washing and maintenance of your garments, it is important to carefully follow instructions provided on the garments care label.

Actionwear recommends the following:

  •          Wash new garments prior to use and after each subsequent wearing
  •          Wash separately from other clothing.
  •          Ensure clothing is clean and in a state of good repair before each use
  •          Thoroughly remove any oils and flammable contaminants from garment.

 Repair clothing using approved FR fabric, thread, and or components.


If the garment cannot be properly repaired, contaminants cannot be effectively removed, and or after being exposed to flame and or heat, the garment should be removed from service. FR garments shall also be retired when they have exceeded the fabric manufacturers stated service life. Garments contaminated by other hazardous materials or biological agents should be cleaned, decontaminated or disposed of as stipulated by regional regulations ensuring that garments will not be used for protection of industrial personnel.